Playing Football And Living The American Dream

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Playing Football And Living The American Dream

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<p>Awesome for the money.<br />   Deborah Conte</p>
<p>Good movie. Great music!<br />   Paul J Martin</p>
<p>Our little maltese will look cute in this come baseball season.<br />   Aaron Tarquinio</p>
<p>I took the chance that it was indeed LA KINGS and not Anaheim Ducks like it says in the description.  My grandson is a Kings fan and I am hoping it will help encourage more brush time.  It is LA KINGS.<br />   Przemysław Przybyłek</p>
<p>I bought this sheet in both celery and ecru.  The celery looks lovely with Graco's Utopia pattern. The ecru isn't bad with Utopia and would probably look good with lots of others too.  The sheets washed beautifully, got even softer, and fit the pack n play mattress perfectly even after more than one washing.<br />   Yuu Namcharoensuk</p>
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